DIESD Reservation

Regular price $5.00

This is a reservation for those that missed the DIESD drop. This way you do not need to rush to buy during a drop, and I can buy the right amount of supplies to fulfill the remaining interest. I have procured a second printer and will be able to double production speed starting the 11th.

 These will begin shipping next week, a couple a day, first come first served. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your spot to come up as I will be releasing another product during this time.

Price is now 53$ USD as there is 30 minutes of processing time per puzzle. You will be contacted to pay the remaining balance once it is ready to ship.

 You will be notified by email with tracker once shipped.

Designed by MOWENS and produced by KANTIBUS

DIESD is a Rune Cube style SD puzzle with approximately 23 steps

There are locks to open and discoveries to make. Only with careful observation and exploration will you be able to uncover the gold hidden within.