Counaburi Investigation - Large w Box

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Counaburi Investigation

The Counaburi Investigation is an 18 piece burr set created by Bill Cutler and Kris Antibus.

It includes Cubie Burr 1, 2, and the previously unreleased #3. 
The set also includes a Gigaburr set. Numbers 1, 2, and a #3 created by Matthew Hochberg.

 This set is special in that not only is it a set of 6 satisfying burrs, it is also completely unique with each set.

 Every set has a unique set of colors for every piece.

 No two sets will ever match.

 Every piece has been printed at 20% infill, (Twice that of a printed Slammed Car), and had also been printed solid, in place, using supports. This accrues about 30% waste, but also makes them stronger with joins.

 So why is it an “investigation”?

 Well. I knew that while these burrs were truly satisfying, I knew that they would also be fairly easy.

 So I did something about that.

I had Bill do painstaking analysis to ensure that not only were there only one solution per burr, but that there were also only one use for every piece. The Cubies need to be analyzed to find the sides that make the cube, then which arrangement of internal bars will allow them to go together.

 The Gigaburrs can be mixed to make different burrs, but there is only one solution that allows you take make all 3 at the same time.

 Then I mixed them up to send to you, and made sure every set has different colors so no one can spoil the arrangements for anyone else.

In case this seems too sadistic, renders of each set have been created to allow you to skip the investigative parts of the puzzle.

 I’m very proud this collaboration.

 The large set comes in an attractive box

 Assembled burrs are 2”x2”x2”

 Perfect for display