Alchemist Cubes by KANTIBUS

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Alchemist Cubes is an 18 piece 4x4x4 cube set.

 This drop will include numbers: 18, 19, 20, 21, 23. There will be a set with a special number name in this drop.

There are over 4,900 assemblies in the provided Burrtools files, but I have hand selected 54 problems for you based on unique assemblies.

Of the 43 solid cubes, 28 have a single solution. There’s 11 unique single solution problems with internal voids as well.

The problem sets are delivered through alchemy spells/formulas which use a color set logic system that adds extra puzzling to each cube. Or you can look in the PDF and just see the piece sets for each problem.

Of the 18 pieces, 16 are primarily used for cubes while the additional two pieces are used for specialty problems. (Voids and freestyle cubes)

The set comes packed into a 5x5x6 box and the filler piece can be transformed into a cube frame to make cubes in.

It is extremely themed and comes with Narration, Production Diary, Velvet bag, Scroll, Quick Reference cards, Two Custom Lids (Locking and Normal), and a custom colored tag on each.

Colors for Tag: Smoky Black (Like box), Clear, Walnut, Black glitter, Purple Chrome glitter, Metallic Red, Shimmery Blue, Marble, Transparent Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey.

I will email each buyer with Burrtools files, and PDF. You can then tell me what color you want for your tag. (Please be sure to have email updated on your payment platform.)

Limited to 35 and numbered.

Please allow 3 days for fulfillment. While I do not list them until I have the pieces done, there are a lot of parts in the package and each one has a custom color picked tag and numbered box. This allows time for me to make sure each is perfect.