Bonebreaker by Frank Potts

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I was told of a fantastical puzzle that operated as the boogeyman in puzzling circles, one which is seldom named, and rarely bragged about.

A puzzle so unruly, that no competent master of the woodcutting arts would risk one splinter on the thing.
So I came into the picture.

Bonebreaker is the 6 piece evolution of Bone Burr by Frank Potts.
It is a skeleton burr, in which that it has large frames in the body of each piece that allow notching and angles on 75% of the sides.
This creates an experience akin to solving an 18 piece burr, locked in an invisible frame that moves.

Frank designed this experience to be like a “Hanayama Burr”, in that it eschews the traditional 2-line entanglements in favor of something more sinister and original.
It is a level 53 monster that takes 70 moves to assemble. There will be no shortcuts or cheese here.

As such, it will only display in one direction so I have ensured that the final display is attractive and homogeneous. It utilizes transparent and marble filament to achieve this with specific filagree in the patterning to accentuate.

There are 2 models for this. The traditional 3.6” burr size, very much sized for capable hands and a 33% larger 4.4” model that is not only more considerable, but denser as well.

There is a saying that lurks out there that proposes that the question isn’t whether you can do something, but whether you should. To that I answer, “Yes”, to both.