Puzzle Printing Service

I am not the most advanced 3D modeler or printer, but in the puzzle circles I am considered to craft some of the most attractive 3D puzzle prints. I have 100s of prints under my belt and have come up with several tricks that ensure amazing looking puzzles. (See Gallery)

I want to share this access with you. 

Like a library, where you would drop off some files and pay them to print them, you can hire me to print puzzles for you. 

To utilize this service, there are a few things to understand, please read the following carefully:

1. I am not a cop, nor do I want to have to do tons of research to do this. So if you do not have permissions to have me print your files, do not waste your time. I will randomly add puzzles I print to my gallery and designers are welcome to ask me about any prints that pertain to their puzzles and I will tell them. Once a designer has contacted me claiming an issue, that user will be banned from the service and the designer can deal with you. Instituting this allows me to fully focus on making great looking prints.

Obviously this does not apply to publicly hosted files on sites like PWBP, as you would take those to a library just the same as bringing it to me.

----I keep no files-----

2. If the puzzle has metal parts or non PLA parts, you will either have to install them yourself, or ship them to me to install for an additional fee.

3. The products for this are listed as 4 hour blocks for 12$. This guarantees you 4 hours of work. I do not charge for anything other than print time and the few extras I offer. The rest is included in the per hour print rate. That rate is 3$ per hour and includes the  plastic and my time. The hours are determined by the slicer, aka print time. Additional hours will be 3$ and extra layers/colors are 1.50 per layer. I will assemble joins and glue them in, but may not be able to send the puzzle assembled. (Looking at you bone breaker).

4. I will only list blocks to purchase when I have time to do the work. Once purchased I will reach out to get the files and submit the final hours to you  for a price quote. I will send you an invoice and if you agree, then I will print the puzzle. After I print the file and it is approved, I will collect the remainder of payment and ship.

So as an example, the price could break down  like this:

(This is based on the No Holds Barred- Minty Version I made)

Puzzle   10 hours   30$

Extra 5 Layers       7.5$

Shipping  priority     8$

  Total -                    45.50$


Here is a current list of available colors (photos if possible)

Shimmery Red

Shimmery Blue

Translucent Yellow

Translucent Glass

Translucent Smoke

Glittery Black

Glittery Green





(I am always adding new colors like Glittery Purple/Blue color shift and more)


Additionally my puzzle crafting partner Matthew offers a modeling service that can be utilized to make files for me to print.

His story:

Want a puzzle to be printed, but there's no stl file to be found for it? No worries! We also offer a service to model the puzzle for you in BurrTools to then be converted to an stl file.

The pricing will be $5 per hour of work. The work can be divided into 2 main parts. Creating a BT file, and then converting it into stl files. We can also take a pre-made BT file, and convert it into an stl which would be cheaper due to the time savings.

Want to print out a puzzle from PWBP?
- It's the same as above. $5 per hour to model and then convert.
* Note that not all puzzles on PWBP can be modeled in BurrTools due to extreme complexity and/or unusual shapes which can't be modeled properly in BT.
As before, the offer is only good for puzzles which are open-source and/or has the designer's permission.
All modeling fees will be added to final invoice for approval.



I reserve the right to end an order for any reason, but in the unlikely event that happens I will refund monies and return any appliances that were to be installed.

If a customer begins a habit of refusing prints or becomes too difficult to work with, I may end the relationship.

Puzzles may take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Prices are subject to change as the service develops.